Eden Studios

Introductory Demo Kits

The following demo packs may be downloaded and/or printed out for those interested in trying our games.  Each pack contains a summary of the setting, a quickie version of the rules, ready-to-play characters and a scenario to run them through. You supply the pencils, paper, players and dice -- the rest is done.

Gamers are encouraged to use the demo packs to learn about our games. Retailers are welcome to print them out and use them to entice new customers. All may link their sites to this page, or simply post the demo materials on their own sites. Others may disseminate the packs as desired. Hey, if you want, you could line the bottom of your birdcage with them, but we do hope you at least glance through them first.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten Introductory Pack
Armageddon Introductory Pack
Buffy RPG Demo Kit (Online Demo)
CJ Carella's WitchCraft Introductory Pack
Terra Primate Introductory Pack