Eden Studios

About Eden Studios

Since 1996, Eden Studios has been producing games that are fun and that challenge the imagination. Utilizing the help of aliens and zombies, vampire slayers and super-heroes, Eden Studios has created an infinite playground for gamers, new and old, to play in.


How do I find Eden Studios Products?

In the changing world we live in we wouldn't have to sell via online. Unfortunately, sometimes distributors don't order enough, or stores choose not to stock a particular product. What we would like you to do is visit your local retailer. But if you cannot find our products in your local game store or bookstore, and those places refuse or cannot special order the products for you, then you can order the product directly from Eden Studios.

Want to know more or find others who play?

Don't forget to visit our official Eden Studios Discussion Forums for all our games. Here you will find helpful information from other players, discuss upcoming releases or just chat about our products.


Yes, over the years Eden Studios has been nominated and has won various awards for excellence from our fans and our industry peers. Check out the list of ou our achievements.

As well as producing its own award winning intellectual properties, Eden Studios has secured fan favorite mass market licenses to further broaden its customer base.